Perim Ranks

Social Rank is very important among the Perim society. It determines how you are treated as well as what functions you can hold. Here is the basic list by rank.

Title Rank
King 1
Crown Prince 2
Queen 3
Prince 4
Queen Mother 5
Princess 5

These are all subject to the Kings attitude at the time and are fairly interchangeable.

Title Rank
Duke 3
Duchess 5
Baron 4
Baroness 6
Royal Cardinal 3
Cardinal 6
Bishop 8
Priest 12
Lord High Marshall 3
Knight Marshall 4
Lord Chamberlain 4
Chamberlain 7
Lord Mayor 8
Mayor 10
Sheriff 9
Knight Guardsman 6
Royal Guardsman 7
Guardsman 11
Guildsman 12
Craftsman Master 12
Craftsman Journeyman 13
Craftsman Apprentice 15
Servant 14
Surfs 16
Slaves 17

Only natural born Perims can move up in rank but only if there is an opening and it must be approved by those that have attained a higher rank. In rare cases someone of low or questionable rank can be appointed to a position of higher ranking. In those odd circumstances their rank is effectively treated as an additional .5 for the first generation.

Perim Ranks

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