The Perim are a fair skinned people with dark hair. They are anywhere from 5ft to 6ft with the occasional few that may be out of that range by a few inches. The women tend to be slightly weaker and smaller than the men of this culture. They have become a feudal society that has begun to live by a rigid code of conduct, social structure, and moral code.


The Perim follow a Savonaity based religion that is new to the area yet strictly enforced by the church. There are a few that still cling to the old religions however they tend to do so in secret as the Savonians have been awarded most of the high ranking positions in the government.
The old religion follows a pantheon of gods that were defeated by the Erolian gods. These Perimian gods represented forces of nature and took their names from such.


The Perims use a feudal system under a monarchy. The current monarch owes much of his kingdom to his predecessors. That banded together a large kingdom under Perim rule. Many of the other cultures are currently living under this rule, though few non-Perims have any recognized social status and even fewer have any government ranking.


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