Welcome to the Annalis Campaign!

We the Annalis Council are endeavoring to create a living world, with in depth history, places, and people. The creation is based on early earth history, thrusting the same religions, racial conflicts, and cultural differences that we can see in our own world today, into our game. We are using a method of early history for each of the lands to bring them to the present game time. Our process starts with building the lands and the resources. Then deciding the early cultures and how those would grow and change given different leadership styles. Finally we add in the response of their neighbors with other leadership styles. Conflicts are then recorded and dispersed as living history.

Each character will be given a base of what his race, religion, culture, or creed truly believes. This may not be full truth but to the character it is. This is to be recurring throughout the game. The rumors that you hear may or may not be tinted by the walk of life of the teller.

Our commitment is to create something real and tangible for your characters to play in and though not always exactly what the character expects, the player can always expect fairness and fun.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email annalis.council@gmail.com.

Thank you for playing!

Annalis Campain

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